We are currently looking for 3 Men’s Teams and 3 Ladies Teams to join us for the 2013-2014 season.

The game of skittles has been played in the Bridport area since the 1920’s. At present there are over 12 local pubs and clubs with skittle alleys, who host regular weekday skittles matches for the league during the season, which runs from September to May.

Each team has a minimum of 6 registered players; every team game consists of 6 players in which each player has 3 wooden balls to knock down 9 pins on the alley. It’s that easy!

At present the league has 4 Men’s divisions and 1 Women’s division consisting of 12 teams; with each having a nominated alley and home night. Every team will play 24 games throughout the season, a match against each team- 1 home, 1 away.

A skittles booklet given to each registered player will let you know when and where you are playing. Games start promptly at 8.30pm and take about 2 hours. The alley’s landlord will arrange for a “sticker up” to stick up the pins knocked down, and provide refreshments after the game.

During the season registered players can also take part in the various Cup Competitions that are additional to the League, either in team games, pairs or individuals etc. A Presentation Night takes place in May where trophies are awarded.

Fees to join the league are:
• A once a year season fee - £5.00 per player
• £1.50 each if you want to enter the special competitions

There is a further additional fee of £1.50 a night to pay for your sticker up (£9 a team). Skittles can be a lifelong hobby, so now you’ve got all the facts and you’ve found at least 5 friends to play with and want a great night out, contact the League Secretary, Mrs Marianne Paulley (Tel: 01308 424327 or Email: mpaulley.t21@btinternet.com). New teams need to be signed on by 10th June 2013 ahead of the season beginning in September. If you haven’t got five friends, are new to the area, or have played in the past and would be happy to join a current team, the league secretary can put you in touch with teams needing further players.

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